Sea legs and new shoes

Sometimes living in a new country
is like learning to walk in new shoes.
They feel great when I first try them on in the store,
but I really don’t know how they will be in the…Read more


I was forewarned about walking on cobblestones, although most of what is here in Maastricht is flat block, not really adhering to the 14th century definition of cobylstone. The blog at MonarchStone has this to say about them,…Read more

Chop wood, carry water, do laundry 

There’s nothing like going to a new country where you are unfamiliar with the language, its customs and food to remind you how little you really do know, or for that matter, what you really care about… especially if you’re…Read more


I’ve been having a bout of jet lag insomnia.

That’s what I learned from the Google searches I conducted in the middle of the night while trying to fall asleep. Some of them warn me, and I swear it’s…Read more